Business law

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, the LEGALCY lawyers counsels' firm will make at your disposal his lawyer and jurist's expertise in business law.

  • Commercial law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-angoulemeJean-Michel CAMUS  will assist you in many areas of commercial law such as :

    Recovery of debts, commercial lease, competition, liabilities, guaranties, commercial agents, Advice and preparation of commercial contracts.

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  • Corporate law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-charenteJean-Michel CAMUS advise you especially in areas such as :

    - Choice of company's type, modification, progression, selling,

    - Set up, formalities, selling of shares, selling of business, corporate formalities for AGM and EGM.

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  • Business insolvency law (bankruptcy law) +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-charente-legalcyJean-Michel CAMUS advise and assist debtors and creditors at every single step of proceedings such as : "mandate ad hoc", conciliation, conservation process, receivership, compulsory liquidation.

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