Estate law

In Estate law, the LEGALCY lawyer counsels' lawyers will assist you responsively and efficiently.

  • Splitting legal and contractual partnership law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-charenteJean-Michel CAMUS will assist you in partnership law areas such as :

    - Splitting litigation
    - Preferential awarding, advance on share...

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  • Contracts and liabilities law +

    Jean-Michel CAMUS advise you in contracts and liabilities law areas such as :

    - Preparation, non performance, compensation, cancelation and liability
    - Registration of security mortgages

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  • Real estate and builing law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-charente-legalcyJean-Michel CAMUS assist you in real estate and building law areas such as :

    - Real estate seizure proceeding
    - Contract of lease litigation
    - Buildor's garanties,
    - Acceptance of work, defects and liabilities, insurances claims,

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  • Private individual insolvency law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-angoulemeJean-Michel CAMUS advise you in private individual insolvency law areas such as :

    - Insolvency proceeding
    - Private individual compulsary liquidation : set up, litigation and proposed measures

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