International law

LEGALCY is private individuals and businesses' favorite advisor regarding international litigation.

Thanks to our fluent English and Spanish, we have developed an international network especially with European lawyers.

  • International family law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-angoulemeJean-Michel Camus will guide and advise you in international family law areas such as :

    - lInternational break -up regarding nationality or domicile of one or many litigants: international divorce, break up of civil partnership, break up of common law marriage.
    - Child Abduction
    - International adoption

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  • International inheritance law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-charente Jean-Michel Camus will assist you in international inheritance law issues regarding place of death of the deceased and place of the deceased's estate.

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  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign Orders law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-charente-legalcyJean-Michel Camus vwill guide and advise you in recognition and enforcement of foreign orders laws areas such as :

    - Exequatur and recognition of foreign orders
    Registration of Orders (French orders in foreign countries, Foreign orders in France)

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  • Foreigners and nationality law +

    jean michel camus avocat charenteJean-Michel Camus assist you in foreigners and nationality law areas such as :

    - Residence permit's claim
    - Escalation claim about a residence permit
    - Litigation about a visa refusal
    - Litigation about nationality

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