Private individual law

Experience and skill of LEGALCY lawyers counsels ' lawyers will make them your main advisors in Private individual law.

  • Family law and filiation law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-charente-legalcyJean-Michel CAMUS advise you in family law areas such as :

    - Couple separation : divorce or break-up of civil partnership, or common law marriage
    - Adjustement of Court Orders to new situations
    - Adoption
    - Establish and challenge filiation

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  • Inheritance law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-charenteJean-Michel CAMUS assist you in all kind of inheritance law problems such as :

    - Wills, gifts, and inheritance dispute
    - Splitting of estate litigation
    - Mandate for future protection
    - Enforcement of wills

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  • Foreigners and nationality law +

    jean michel camus avocat charenteJean-Michel Camus assist you in foreigners and nationality law areas such as :

    - Residence permit's claim
    - Escalation claim about a residence permit
    - Litigation about a visa refusal
    - Litigation about nationality

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