Social law

Inside LEGALCY lawyers counsels, Jean-Michel CAMUS and Caroline LAPIOS will fix all your social law's legal problems.

  • Labor law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-charente-legalcyJean-Michel CAMUS will be your main advisor in labor law areas such as :

    - Preparing contract of employment, Cie's rules and regulations, DUPR, profit-sharing agreement...
    - Individual and collective labor conflicts : dismissal, all proceedings in Labor Court...
    - Amicable separation,

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  • Social security law +

    jean-michel-camus-avocat-angoulemeJean-Michel CAMUS guide you in social security law areas such as :

    - Labor accident
    - Disability and consequences
    - Employer's inexcusable fault
    - Incapacity to work

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